How to increase agricultural production while respecting nature?

You have successfully increased your agricultural output by a considerable volume by the use of different farming techniques, such as fertilization methods, mixing crops, innovative water management, and the sustainable use of local natural resources, etc. Your initiative has helped to improve soil fertility in regards to growing one type of crop or several types of crops on the same terrain, or in rendering unproductive lands fertile again.

How to adapt to climate change?

You have been able to implement the following with, or for, local populations, in association with public or private actors:

  • Agricultural techniques that adapt to water scarcity (drought, modification of river flows, etc.) or adapt to the excess of water (floods, etc.)
  • Innovative agricultural practices that allow for the improved management of a watershed by limiting soil erosion and/or by reinforcing the capacity to store water.
  • Innovative solutions that combine the preservation of an ecosystem (forests, lakes and rivers) with the increased productivity of farms.

How to better sell your agricultural products?

You have been able to develop commercial strategies that are both simple and efficient to allow farmers’ groups to sell their products on local, national and international markets. You have been able to develop organisations and tools that facilitate access to market with farmers (i.e. information systems, financing, storage capacity, organization of collective farming cooperatives, etc.) You have successfully implemented programs (training, communication) that assure farmers maintain a healthy balance between their production of cash crops and subsistence crops that guarantee their food security.

How to empower farmers and farming communities?

You have implemented, on a large scale, methods that facilitate the sharing, learning and transfer of agricultural practices. Through your actions, you have helped empower women’s groups by reinforcing their skills and by strengthening their role in their communities. With efficient methods of management and governance, you have permitted farmers to reinforce their collective organizations (i.e. cooperatives, Economic Interest Group, etc.) and in particular in regards to the following fields: access to market, education, health, financing. .